Thursday, July 24, 2008

I really heart Japanese shows.

Heaven's Coin
Ah Xing
101 Romance
Beautiful Life
1 Litre Of Tears
Crying Out Love In The Centre Of The World (both movie & drama)
Be With Me
10 Promises To My Dog

So many more.
So meaningful.
But my favorite is still,
Long Vacation..

Above is the scene when Takuya was playin in the piano competition. This is the show, which really sparked my interest in piano. Though i never had the chance of takin lessons, i love piano pieces nonetheless.

I once told myself,
Whoever who plays me Canon in D with heart,
I'll adore her to bits..

Ever thought bout it?

Over the years, you've learnt how to make someone happy. You know what to do, and what not to. You can even create surprises, jottin down things she likes, and send as gifts. You'll tell her how much you dowana leave her alone, when you wanted to go clubbin so badly. You'll tell her how much you missed her, only after being out the whole day. All these little actions, all these sweeet talk..

You're only usin your technique.

Definitely, you want her to be happy, thats why you hone your skills. But, didn't you do the same before? With 100% of your heart? Right at the beginnin of this r.s? So whats wrong now. Do you still love her? Or merely doin for the sake of doin?

Ask yourself.
Is it still Love,
Or is it Technique..

Friday is gonna be wild.
Chivas & Bailey all night.
The guys are comin over for a party.
Time to get high again.

Round & bright, the moon sure looks pretty tonight.
The countless stars.
The beautiful night.
Do they look the same, right where you are?


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