Tuesday, July 15, 2008

An old couple came for a meal today.

Both vietnamese, most probably in their 70s, judgin from their white hair and battled features. Had a little chat with them durin their meal, such a friendly couple. Happily retired and travellin around. Even showed me their family photo, their grandchildiren around my age. Such a bliss..

More importantly, i can see they're so in love.

Noticed alot of little actions. Like how gramps pass grandma some of his sweet & sour fish. How they chatted and smiled to each other. How grandma wiped gramps' mouth with tissue. How they enjoyed the short 30mins meal together..

I can only say, "Wow.."
I'm seriously so envious of them..
Will my 70s ever be the same?

Isn't it nice?
To have someone to love,
Someone to marry,
Someone to have a kid,
Someone to grow old with..

Someone to stroke her hair, pat her back, share blanket, sleep & cuddle up with.
Someone to walk me @ the beach, enjoyin the cool breeze, sunset and sea.
Someone to accompany to read the stars, admire the moon, lyin on a wide grass patch.
Someone to go on a cruise, to see the world, and take lotsa photos & memories.

Will my true love ever come..

Just received my latest birthday present today. Familiar package, familiar handwritin, familiar gift, Miz has always been surprisin me with my favorite candy. Guess it had became a secret already, that i really liked heart shape candies. Just because Min was the 1st to bought me lotsa..

Took a photo of what Winnie sent me weeks back too. A really nice book that i haven't had the time to finish up yet. And its really so sweet of her to buy me a present, even though it has only been such a short period since we met. Appreciate it! =]

Was chattin with Maidou bout fate.

It decides who we meet.
We decide how things happen.
When the chance is missed, we just gotta wait for the next..

It is just like a bus ride.
Standin at the bus stop, we await for our love.

Sometimes when it comes,
We hesitated, afraid of takin the wrong bus.
After it left, even if we realise its the right one, its already too late.

Sometime when it comes,
We have a feelin its the right bus.
Tried to board, but chased down by the driver.
Wrong bus, they say.
But we knew, it may just bring us to where we want.

There are times too,
When we board the bus, only to find out its wrong.
Thus, alighted somewhere on the road, lost & confused.
Thats when we have to find out where we are, all over again.

But, at the end of the day,
I'm sure we will all find our right buses,
And get to our own destination, somehow..


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