Monday, July 14, 2008

Why must couples bicker for no good reasons?

If both are truly in love with each other, won't they do anythin in their means to make each other comfy & happy? Both may have different preferences, but i'm sure true love conquers all?

Am so tired listenin to friends whinin bout their soured r.s over tiny matters. The fact they didnt even bother compromisin greatly pissed me off. Is it really so hard to put themselves in their SO's shoe?

Just an eg.
If your bf dreads you go clubbin, you can try thinkin why.
If you feel you are not doin anythin wrong, and he should trust you, reverse the situation.
Imagine him goin clubbin and knowin all the girls, drunk & havin fun.
How you feel may be what he feels too.

Is it really that difficult?

Like my previous post mentioned, must he be gone before you realisin you have been takin him for granted all along? Must you two be seperated by force before understandin how easy love can actually be?

So please, if you really love him, stop findin faults.


Saw Anntonii's question the other day.
When will we consider ourselves rich enough?

Gave it a really good thought. Till the day i don't have to worry bout my mom, don't have to worry bout my future wife and kids, i will consider myself rich. Meanin, my career will have to be stable enough to sustain our happy lifestyle. As long we have a shelter, i can take care of my mom's older days, shower my wife with love, provide my kids the best education & care, have spare for rainy days, should be enough.

Really no point thinkin of how many zeros i want in my bank accounts. So what if i can be friggin rich. All the time wasted on fightin for the cash, can never be bought back. Spendin it on my family, isn't it more worthwhile?

Was tellin Sharyn i'm not photogenic earlier in the day.

The person i see in the mirror, is never the same in the picture. The difference is huge. Sometimes i even doubted if i really look like what i see in the mirror. I really wonder why i can't take a proper picture. This explains why i always shun the camera, and not puttin up any photos in my friendster.

But well, she was kind enough to tell me, i don't look bad.
Friends for so many years, she should be tellin the truth.
My my, why am i even bein vain.

Have you ever met your dream guy or girl?

For eg, i came across this person.
She has very attractive features.
Mesmerizin inner beauty.
Absorbin characters & personalities.
Common interests & understandins.
One in a zillion..

I guess most people will think, if only they are able to meet such people. But what if, i met, yet wonder if i really deserves her? And what if we belong to two very different worlds?

But i know,
If fate permits,
If we truly fall in love,
Its gonna be the most beautiful love story..

Bizarre Love Triangle.
A nice song my ex used to sing to me,
While sittin on my bed,
Strummin her guitar gently..

Shall listen to the song to sleep.


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Mint said...

Hey Alan!

Hmm... I just realized ur "chatterbox" can't leave my nickname in for more than once.. -.-" so I'm forced to leave comments here.

Well, from what I see, you see things too much on the dull side... which isn't very good I think... =/ No offence!!!

Try to be happy and live life happy instead of pondering when you might expect something.

Try expecting something in life when you DON'T expect something would give your life more surprises! :D Just a thought...

But yeah, if you feel like talking, you know you still have my MSN ;) (well, if u haven't deleted me yet... >.<)