Monday, July 07, 2008

Test, test.

Seems like my attempt of revivin my blog, is a big success. Last post was Jan 07, ages ago. Gosh, it shows how busy with life i was. Time to escape from reality once more..

Btw, i made the background picture myself.
Its still 1 of my fav movies, Serendipity.

Well, i'm still pretty much the same? Followin the stint at Starhub, i joined OCBC Bank as their relationship officer. Didn't last long enough though, for there was the place i met some of the darker sides of life. Backstabbin, office politics, jealousy, selfishness, betrayal. It was that bad..

Recently established a little steamboat cafe along Bukit Merah straits. 3 months into biz, i'm still copin. It wasn't easy. All the plannin, budget, marketin, especially food as i wasn't experienced in f&b. But nothin beats the 1st step out. Many thanks to my most admirable partner, Ray. He was the one who showed me the other side of the world, which i have always yearned for. He is really capable both in work and life, which i still have lotsa to learn from. Am really glad to have met him..

Let me guess, many who hasn't heard, will be be interested in my love life?

1606 was our anni
2306 was my bday
2406 was the breakup

Need me to say more?

Things just didn't work, i guess. The more chances i gave, the more disappointments i got. Thus, i gave up. Alot of things she did that wasn't acceptable i took it with open heart, but patience ran out in the end. Which guy can stand her girl flirtin around anyway..

Thats all i'll say.
Aren't any good of me to talk bad bout her.

Love has always been so complicated for me, as quoted from Vernice. 1st ex forced to marry another guy. I was indirectly the 3rd party in my 2nd ex's life. And now, my last ex, who is a divorced mom with 5yo son, flirted with other guys, not respectin our r.s at all. Can't fate just bring me a simpler love? Why is 3rd party always involved in my life? Geez..

I have a very simple theory.

When one is madly in love, he/she will do anythin for you.
When one wasn't able, then perhaps he/she only love you that much.

I still believe in true love, i guess.
Fate too..

3am, its almost time for bed. Been stayin in shop nowadays, away from the comfort of family and her. All the daily cold baths and lonely nights, they are only goin to make me stronger. Shall keep learnin to be a better man..


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