Monday, July 07, 2008

6pm soon.
Rainy blues.

Maidou had a question some time back which really got me thinkin. When i needed someone, who can i call 4am at night?

A tricky question indeed.

Perhaps Bryan or SK, provided they can be awaken, still i rather not disturb them. Most prob i'll be online searchin for non-sleepin souls instead. But if i really am to call someone, think i have a few in mind..

Some dear pals do call me @ wee hours sometimes. Lackin a few hours of dreams is no big deal i guess. @ least it shows they can confide in me. Dear cousy always call me @ late nights too laa. When i was still with my ex, her calls always got her so fedup lol. Those were the nights..

To me, someone to confide in, it means a soulmate? Like someone to chat anythin under the moon with. There will be no secrets, no lies. "Seems like most people mistook 'soulmate' for lifelong partner" says Maidou. Its true to a certain extent, i guess. Who doesn't wish they can chat heartily bout life with their Significant Other. It aren't easy to be similar..

So what bout good buddies? Bryan and SK are gonna be my great pals for life. Even so, we don't hang out much. We just know, if there are problems, we'll definitely be there to help each other out. Ray too, always there for me, though i'm not sure if i'm considered his. I'm pretty sure he has his own group of buddies..

There are some really sweet friends too? Like Jwen. She brought her whole family to my shop, all the way from pasir ris! Thats really duper sweet you know? I'm ultra-easily touched and thats really touchin. If we are able to communicate better, i'm sure we'll really make great pals..

Not to mention names, but there are some who live as near as nearby, and never bother supportin. Guess it shows ya. Not even my own ex supported me when we were still together. It really shows how much she loved me too. Perhaps everybody's busy with their own lives, especially after passin the mid 20s. Perhaps some people just dislike such situations. But you know, if a friend of mine ever gonna set up their own biz, i'll definitely support. Somehow and another ya..

"That is what friends are for"
Quoted from Miss Wu, when she offered help durin my lowest periods.

Gonna start preparin food for the night.
Shop is bein reserved for a lunch event tml.
Another reservation made for thursday evenin as well.
Its gonna be busy.

Some lyrics for you, from the song on this blog.

整个世界 停止 不转动 很寂寞
走在海边 数着 萤火虫 好困惑
想要的生活 怎么有一百种
不想掉进这深深 漩涡

整个海洋 摆动 柔软的 举起我
孤单给我 自由 犹豫得 好感动
想要的生活 怎么有一百种
该怎么走 谁来告诉我?


发现自己其实脆弱 不敢说

爱情渐渐萎缩 我猜不透

无边的宇宙 哪里有我想要的生活

*Repeat from 2nd para

我那一百种 要在很久很久以后才会懂

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