Friday, August 08, 2008

Cousy sent me this song & i totally fell in love with it..

Leona Lewis is a darn pretty lady.
Bleeding Love is a darn nice song.
Need to explain more?

But i chose FFX/X2 over her original MTV.

FFX is still my favorite game. It has the best story ever. For summary, one day Tidus was sent to the future unwillingly. Met Yuna, and decided to accompany her on her journey to attain more powers in order to battle 'Sin', a monster that had killed loads of souls for centuries. It wasn't long, before he realised she'll die after usin the attained power to defeat 'Sin'. And she finally got to know that 'Sin' is actually Tidus's father, in a twist. They both fell in love still..

Sad story.
Tears rolled durin its endin.
You'll understand after watchin this.

A little extra info. Tidus taught Yuna how to whistle durin the journey. He told her, whenever she's alone or needed him, she just have to whistle. He'll always be there for her..

I remember teachin my ex how to whistle too.
But this is not important, ahaha.

I used FFX for the vid, partly because of someone too. A friend i hardly get to see online, but really cherished each conversation we had. Though we only knew each other weeks back, its really nice to have someone to have a goood chat with. Especially after knowin she enjoys drawin too..

She showed me her drawins of Yuna.
Am not goin to post her drawins without permission,
But they are really nice..

Below will be some of my own drawins that night.

Aren't very good at drawin features.

Another blur picture.
I still prefer faceless.
(Please ignore the numbers)

My new friend, Jeannie!
I thought it really resembles her.
But sadly she didn't seem to appreciate it faceless..

Ahaha, who might this guy be? =P

Last but not least, the piece of paper i drew on.
Think i shall keep this somewhere.

I still have lotsa to blog bout, as usual. But i guess that will be all for tonight. 2am soon, soo tired. Someone approached me on the street, am comin over for a talk bout insurance tomorrow. Guess i better sleep..


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