Sunday, August 10, 2008

Perhaps, the saddest song on earth..

Watch him play.
Hear him sing.
See him cry..

This song is a long lost memory of mine.
ZiA made me recall by chance.
And i'm glad it is back on my mind, after so many years..

It was durin army days, facin the aftermath from the break up with Min. Walked into HMV one day, saw this new single with the title 'Last Song'. I bought it without even listenin..

Their normal version is guitar based, much heavier, but the lyrics striked through my heart in an instant. Now, watchin this great unplugged performance, readin the lyrics as he sings, really got me very emo, just like before..

The lyrics in the clip are abit different from what i remembered. If only i still have the singles with me. But its still bout the same meanin, nonetheless..

What a nice song..

I went back home days ago.

It has been, almost a year? Time really flies. I still remember the day i stepped out of the door, with my clothes and stuff. Now, the house has such an unfamiliar smell..

My room doesn't look the same anymore. Gone are my pillows, my blanket. Even cupboards are empty. Lookin at the empty space, i really wondered..

Maybe, i'll forget everythin.
Maybe, i'll forgive everyone.
Maybe, i'll just move back home..

Was feelin feverish and fluish.

Even so, i still went for a bball session with Ray, Carol and YongTang hours ago. Had a good sweat, hopin i'll get better. But seems like it was in vain, my nose is still runny..

Oh well, it was a good exercise. We had too much crabs for dinner anyway. The pincer was BIGGER than my palm, and i'm not kiddin. Should have taken pics =/

I've resumed my past routine of 100 pushups a day once again, added some squat exercises for my calfs and thighs too. Half hearted though, gave myself an excuse to skip today's since i'm sick ahaha. Was thinkin, since i no longer have to bury myself with shop, no r.s to enjoy, soo much free time. I might as well stay healthier..

My career with Ray's biz is like a growin bud. With a little more hardwork, i'm sure i'll be able to pull it off. Am already seein some of the cash, it'll be a good experience and chance to store up financially, especially after losin so much for my closed steamboat cafe..

There is this sayin,
每个成功的男人背后, 都有一个女人..
(Behind every successful man, there will be this woman)

I beg to differ.
It should be,
每个成功的男人背后, 都有一个好女人..
(Behind every successful man, there will be this good woman)

But too bad, maybe i won't succeed yet. For, i have not found that really nice companion, who'll support me whole heartedly, and love me with all her life..

The last r.s with Jolyn was absolutely rubbish, not pointin faults, just a total mismatch that shouldn't have begun. For Inin, i gave up first for her happiness, can't blame anyone else. And Min, i can only say it is our Destiny..

Suddenly, it just strikes me.
Even though i felt someone in my heart.
I seriously wonder who's next.

May she be the last of my life..


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