Saturday, August 02, 2008

Maison Ikkoku..

How many actually know bout this anime/manga?
It was one of my all time favorites.
Saw it durin secondary school life.
I still yearn to rewatch these days..

A story bout this under-grad residin in a place called Maison Ikkoku. He met this beautiful lady who became its housekeeper one day. It was love @ 1st sight. But it wasn't long, before he knew, that she was a widow..

2:25 to 2:50 was where she saw a familiar scene.
She had kept her ex hubby's doggy by her side all the time.
And for a moment, she thought she saw him once again..

4:13 to 4:32 was when the under-grad proposed,
While piggy-backin her father.
He promised to take care of her foreva..

I remember there were a whole loads of other touchy scenes. Like how he swore in front of the ex hubby's grave, to take care of her, and to love her, sayin he won't want to replace him in her heart. She was hidin all along, and was really touched..

Well, other than lotsa other comical scenes, Maison Ikkoku is a pretty neat (and old) anime especially nearin the end. Used to rush home from school just to catch it on tv durin saturdays.

If only i can find its DVD nowadays..

Sunantha is flyin Taiwan in a few hours!
Always envyin her, for all her frequent holidays.
She promised to bring back somethin!
Her smiley faces, ahaha.
Bon Voyage! xD
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Tomorrow's gonna be the discussion between me and my leasor.
Lets hope everythin will go on smoothly.
May them provide me with enough compensation.
Saves me from takin legal action..

Monday's gonna be excitin too.
Meetin my 1st client under Ray's biz.
He is really such a nice friend.
Literally helped me with everything.
He's my self proclaimed best buddy.
I seriously owe him so much..

Anyway, if i manage to clinch the deal,
Its gonna be bout 500 bucks profit.
May it be a successful 1st step.
Pray for me..

Let me introduce another person.
Someone who is important in my life too.

Utada Hikaru..

She has been my all time favorite singer.
Followed her since her 1st few albums.
Was sad she got married to her MTVs director.
And yaa, it is still my favorite song, First Love.

Her birthday, 19th Jan 1983.
5 months older than me.
Though Capricorn, her birthdate is so near to Aquarius.
Thus explained the song.
She'll never forget her first love,
And am always lookin out for him, foreva..

This vid has nice translations, saves me from typin.
Hope you guys will enjoy.
She sang with such feelins..


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