Thursday, July 31, 2008

What is your favorite comic?

For me, it will definitely be Masakazu Katsura's..

Video Girl Ai, my very 1st. Imagine i read it when i was only 8 years old? All the love and relationships. Perhaps that explained why i had always tried so hard since the past. Yaa, comic is always bout fairytales. Pure love, nothin else. But i still believe in true love? Oh well..

Here's another, I"S, came out durin my sec sch years, when i was 13.

Used to read so much of Katsura's, even learnt to draw the characters. Yes, if you're my sec sch classmates, you'll now realise why i always draw faceless portraits in class! Remember i was once caught drawin in the chinese lesson? Made to change seats, moved right to the front with the 3 ladies, FangYu, XiuTing and MiaoHua? Yaaa, i was drawin..


She never really figure it out. Nor did i try confessin. She flew anyway, years later, after JC. Got married over there, never to be back again.

Pals, thanks for the party tonight.

It was fun to have a gatherin @ my place. So much food, so much crap, so much fun! Eurotrip is a kickass funny show ok? If only we can all stay the whole night together huh?

Thanks HuiXin aka ZiA, for the bottle of Bailey!
Am seepin it right now =P

Thanks Bryan, JR, MaiDou and WeiMing for the mahjong session.
Poor JR, lost 12bucks playin 10cents 20cents.

Thanks YongTang, for accompanyin so many times.
Sorry i finished your Chivas alone the other night.
Have a safe flight to India later ya?
Cyaa on the 5th bro.

Finally, Ray & Carol.
Without you two, this shop won't have its memories.
I still can't accept though,
The fact you said i looked like Wilbur Pan -.-'
Don't mind you sayin i sing like ZhangYu though..
Stay happy always! xD

Last but not least,
Thank mom, for always bein @ my side..

Well, this cafe gonna have an end soon. Can't wait for the meetin up with my leasor. Can't wait for their compensation. Can't wait for my next chapter of life. Its gonna be fun, managin Ray's other biz. It will be a whole new experience.

Lets pray things will work out just fine =]

Btw, someone took this some days back.

I was helpin her with her laptop,
And she took it without my consent.
Kept sayin i don't look photogenic,
Yet naggin @ me to put it up.
She's the few i ever lost Scissors-Paper-Stone to,
Thus, here she go, HER REQUEST.


5am already, friggin tired..
What will i dream tonight?
Most prob somethin pleasant again..
Somethin, happily ever after?


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