Sunday, August 31, 2008

Cherish and Appreciate..
Everyone and Everything..

Just 2 posts ago, i mentioned how i dread deaths..
Yet currently, i have 2 wakes to attend..

Nicole Mok and Lin Mei Yan.
Both sweet and beautiful ladies.
Both are my secondary schoolmates.
Both from the same class.
Both met with car accidents on Friday night..
Both left us on 290808..

Nicole passed on in US. Her body will be flown back on Monday. We will be attendin her wake on Tuesday evenin, Singapore Casket, Ruby room..

As for Mei Yan, we will be headin down tonight. She passed on with her bf, car smashed into a tree at very fast speed. It was really very tragic. It came on the papers. This will be the link to the news..

But i was thinkin, at least they left together, havin each other for company. I really can't imagine the situation, if only 1 of them survived........

So, perhaps, it was a blessin in disguise.
They loved each other right till the end of their time..

There are no words to describe my feelins right now.
I'll let this song do the job..


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