Friday, August 29, 2008

Had ktv the other day!

It has been really long. Visited the latest Partyworld @ Liang Court. Pretty room, beautiful spot lights, and big LCD tv for searchin songs. Really sang our lungs out!

1 of my fav songs,
张智成 - 很想你

But parkin @ Liang Court is really expensive, almost 10 bucks for a few hours. Doubt will frequent, unless i have cravin for japanese food or the double scoop Gelato ice cream i had back then =P

Speakin of music vids, i was reminded of a song from many years back. It was durin poly years when i 1st saw it. Was pretty embarrassed back then, i nearly cried in class!

Yaa, its that sad.
An mtv from Kiss.

I have always wondered if the lady took care of the guy in the end. I think she will, for they were in love. Its his eyes that she has anyway. I would have done the same..

Seriously, not much mood to blog recently. Must be the bangkok trip, still in holidayin mood. Or perhaps, i just don't have the feel anymore, stayin in this room..

Shall blog again when i'm emo.


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