Monday, September 29, 2008

"aiyo...u chg gf like chg underwear lor"




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Mint said...

Hmm... Alan,

I hope you won't mind me being honest to you... to others that don't know the real side of you... it is no surprise that 3rd parties will see you this way... sadly enough.

I'll tell you something, my boyfriend dated 3 other girls before me but after his first break up about 6-7 years ago... But he was never serious with the other 3 after his first until he met me. I told him the similar words as what your friend said...

So with your case, I understand it is no surprise how others would see you like that (as I "was" the 3rd party myself).

Perhaps you weren't really that friends with her from the start?? It's the length of time that shows you guys are long time friend but the relationship never gotten further?? That might probably be why she thinks of you that way.

But no matter, as long as you know there are people here and there who'll understand the "real" you and will support a friend. =)

From the replies I see on Cbox, I can see you have a lot of people caring for you. But don't take us for granted!! >=/ Haha!!!

Take care of yourself there!!