Friday, October 03, 2008

My laptop is invaded by spyware!

Gosh. For a person who doesn't appreciate anti-virus software, i seldom gets inflicted by virus and spywares. But no matter how hard i practise, funny files still get installed in my system without me knowin. Screw those virus/spyware makers..

Well, at least my lappy is on the verge of recovery, shall not overwork it these days =P


A silly pic taken days back. Was at bowlin with friends, at east coast, LATE NIGHT. Notice i looked so sheepish? Ahaha, was just playin with friend's iPhone camera, i rarely camwhore anyway. And i noticed..


No wonder i used to get check for IDs while buyin cancer sticks for friends, or even TOTO. Tsk, my clubin days too, but those were in the past ahaha. Kinda weird, but i guess its goood to look young!

Just hope i don't act like one ahaha xD

Noticed this group of peeps who love singin. Remember the vid from Cathy i posted previously? I realised they always play together, the strummers, the beatbox, and Lydia Paek too!

Oh Lydia, simply heart her singin..
She's so random too..
Love it when she burps LOL!

Let me share this freestyle singin they had.

She's really gifted, such a great group of friends too.
Try checkin out many other vids yaa?
Search for 'Lydia Paek' =]

Another of her vid, can't hear enough!

I love music!


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