Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Do dreams come true?

I dream alot at night. Sometimes they can be so real, i'll wake up in tears, smiles or sweat. A few of them occur in real life, when i can suddenly recall this exact scene happenin somewhere else, deja vu. The rest are usually so vague i won't remember the very next mornin..

Recently i had one i wish it'll really come true.

Other than catchin up with old friends whom have gone missin, i met 2 person i really wanted to see. One was Rachael, someone i have known for years, but never had the chance of meetin in person. We chatted and laughed so much, somethin we never did in real life..

And Jeannie too.

Dreamt that she came all the way to Singapore, just to visit me from her school holidays in China! Seriously, i was really touched (in the dream) and was so happy bout it. We went Sentosa and ECP, did lotsa shoppin, had lotsa food. It was a really sweet dream, but i didn't dare to tell her bout it..

I'm so shy, bet she'll literally LOL.

Dreamt of 'her' too. She seemed so much older, came fetchin me with her car. Some ppl say dream is a reflection of what our heart yearns for. But her takin care of me, financially? Is this what i really want..?

Over my dead body.

Am startin to feel the drift between us. Though it has only been a few days, there was no honeymoon. Every call and meetin up feels so stressful. Really feel like givin up already..

We simply aren't suitable for each other.

Am pickin up work steadily nowadays. Won't be long before i go full fledge on the business, hopin to see results asap. Always happy to see the quotations and orders comin in. Finally findin back my mood, its bout time..

Before i go, let me share a vid as usual.

陳偉聯-I Love You

Really applause for his bravery. Without a pair of proper eyes, he dares to step out into gray areas, where other blind people couldn't. Many others would have been so much more depressed..

No, i'm not sympathisin with him.
Most normal people don't even have the balls.
I truly admire people with determination and backbone.

May all of us find our own reasons of bein happy, our own meanins in life, and our own source of warmth in this chillin world.


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