Monday, September 22, 2008

Love was never easy.

The differences between 2 person can usually determine the outcome right at the start of any relationships. They are the main killers, as it takes more than just 'Love' to overcome any missin links in between. Compromisin is a nicer word of sayin 'i give in' after series of debates, and the relationship shall go on as long one side is still willin..

Nowadays, i am havin problems even with food.

Just imagine, a guy like me who doesn't even own credit cards and am so satisfied with just a $3 bowl of nice bak-cho-mee, is datin a girl who has nothin but branded items and is used to dinin exquisite meals all the time, each easily sum up to $150 per person?

Needless to compare our spendin habits.

I HATE spendin other ppl's money, been pretty much on my own since young. So, its either i splash all my savings on our dates, or she's willin to sacrifice her taste buds at really cheap places..

Friends told me she should care and understand my situation, its not a big deal eatin at Swensons or even Sushi Tei. But i can understand, if i am to be brought up like her with all the best things in life since young, i may end up pretty the same. I really don't want her to suffer with me..

Why can't i just earn more?
Why can't i have lesser troubles?
Why can't i lead a better life..

Anntonii recently showed me a really nice song.
Same singer of the song <100种生活> i posted before.
Ought to share with you peeps.

盧廣仲 - 寂寞考

Really nerdy looks.
But the songs he wrote, fabulous.
Shall listen to them till i fall asleep tonight.


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