Friday, September 12, 2008

How time flies?

It was as though yesterday that she was still loud and sporty with black hair. But now? Hair full of white, she walks with clutches. Yes, exactly 60 years older than me, my only grand parent left in this world..

It was grandma's bday days back.

I am actually totally disgusted with relatives from my father's side. Back stabbin, ill mouthin, even fought between siblings for my passed away gramps' money. I guess it shows, the way my father is, so does his family. But i still heart my grandma lotsa?

She's such a poor soul, you know?
Puttin myself in her shoe, seein my children behaved like that,
I would have cried to my death..

We had a little celebration, just my family and her. Took her to a little restaurant, had her favorite food. My father was reluctant to order sharkfin for her though, it cost 80bucks, but mom called for it nonetheless. Yup, as usual, my mom was made to foot half the bill because of that..

That got me wonderin, if grandma is my mommy's mom, or his?

Even funnier, my bro talked alot that night. He whispered to me sayin "Oh man, father is makin mom pay again". But deep within i thought, isn't him the same? Shall not comment much bout how he treats his wife and our mom..

Such a funny family i have.

Regardin 'someone' i mentioned in my previous post, she explained. The 'bf' was just a ruse to trigger me, for i was the undecidin party who can't make up my bloody mind. She loves me, she said. Yet now, i am still very undecided. We have just too much differences..

But it will be a fairytale, should it come true.

Here i shall introduce a favorite song of mine.
From Utada Hikaru.
Final Distance.

We can start sooner,
Yapari (i knew it, in the end),
I wannt be with you..

Perhaps, it sang my heart..

Slept only 4 hours last night.
Brain is almost dead.
Shall catch my wink.


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