Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Have you ever felt this miserable?

Lyin on your bed, your head ticks away. Body sweats, but nose can't help sneezin. You wanna talk, but no voice nor breath to do so. You are hungry, but climbin out of bed is the last thing you wish to do. Worst of all, you pray there is someone beside to care for you, to touch your forehead and say "Everythin will be alright". But when you look around, you see no one else..

That was me, yesterday.

But i managed to get out of bed just now, to make a delivery. Head still hurts, nose still blocked, throat still sore, but i guess things are alot better right now. Can't always rely on friends for help, though i know Ray will 100% settle the delivery for me if i say i'm unwell. Rather die halfway there than troublin him anymore..

Am startin to feel effects from the economy downturn.

It is very obvious some major companies disappeared from sg. Those big clients either closed down or moved out of the island. Since i have not put 100% effort into the company, i am not feelin the pinch yet. But with lesser demands and slower trade goin around the world, it will soon boil down from retail to supplier, manufacturer, and even raw materials..

The almost 40k lost from the cafe cannot come at a worse time for Ray and i.

But i came to believe everythin happens for a reason. One incident links to another, this is how life unfolds. With decisions, we determine and alter our life. We control our future..

We write our own life story.

Somethin to share from Laosu.
Somethin touchin, and somewhat incredible.
Somethin that tells me, life can be so much more wonderful..

I was already very amazed she can play the piano when she's only 5yo, and BLIND. But when i hear her sing at the very last part while playin, i can't help but feel a shiver down my spine. Tears almost came, a sudden surge of sadness..

Here's another clip of her, with Connie Talbot, the child prodigy from American Idol.

Watchin them, i can't help but feel the future is alot brighter..

I had a dream that night after Starbucks,
Woke up smilin.
No matter will it be my future or remain a dream,
I'll seriously work towards it.

I think i have just found my direction.

I really love Utada's Sakura Drops,
Can't help bitchin bout it again,
Since its literally singin out my thoughts..

"Doushite onaji you na panchi nando mo kuracchaun da"
Why have i suffered, the same blows such countless times?

"Sore demo mata tatakaun darou"
But even so, i'll probably fight again?

Especially this chorus part.

"Koi wo shite"
Fallin in Love,

"Subete sasage"
Givin it my everythin,

"Negau koto wa kore ga sagoi no HEARTBREAK"
Wishin this is the last HEARTBREAK..


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