Sunday, October 19, 2008

Its the rainy season again.

Sittin at Starbucks, watchin umbrellas sway in motion. Under each privacy for two, their faces reveal beautiful smiles. Against the loud droplets they whisper, utterin nothin but happiness i believe..

Its the season for love as well.

It must be the exam period too. Packed with books and lecture notes, everybody's muggin. Seems like i'm the only stress-less soul around. Must be a really weird culture, for students to flood the chains seekin a socket for their laptops. Doubt you'll see this scene anywhere else..

Time flies, Xmas drawin near.
Its gonna be fun this year.
Cause i'm single..

I remember grillin chicken chop and fryin chips for her last year. My 3rd ex, she had the pleasure of my cookin. Didn't feel she enjoyed though, no words of appreciation were muttered. Only commented the sauce was too salty..

I should try bakin a whole chicken this year, for someone else.

Have i already revealed how much i love Utada Hikaru's songs? Let me bitch more ahaha. I fell in love with hikki when i was only 16. Her lyrics and music accompanied me through the years, both ups and downs. She is indispensible from my life..

Let me share a few favorite songs.

Dareka No Negai Ga Kanau Koro
(as usual, i'm really impressed with her lyrics)

Sakura Drops
(and her live singin can be so mesmerisin)

(she looks so sweeet when she's givin in her best)

First Love
(and the best song a 15yo can ever write)

If i'm ever given a wish from a genie,
Forget the riches and the fame,
I just wanna befriend her..


The flu is killin me nowadays. Sneezin away in the middle of Starbucks, with many pairs of eyes set upon me. I should make a move soon, head for a really hot and heart warmin dinner. May the flu be gone soon..


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