Tuesday, October 14, 2008

What kind of shows catch your eyes?

Its no secret what my favorites are. Pals who are close know i have a sick fetish. I totally dig sad stories. Best if its duper tears jerkin..

Tonight, let me intro a few.

01 - 1 Litre of Tears

Just like the title suggest, a drama with lotsa cryin. This happy school girl, Aya, was leadin such a beautiful life. Until one day, illness struck. Imagine the day you realised that you'll slowly not bein able to walk with ease, not bein able to talk properly, not bein able to move, in just a few years time? Until the day you die? Can you actually feel the pain and helplessness she felt..

This show is really meaningful and it teaches alot bout life.
It is a must watch.
Especially when it is a true life story..

02 - Cryin Out Love in the Center of the World

"No temperature.."
"No weight.."
"Ashes that will be blown with the slightest wind.."
"This is, Aki.."
"Someone I have ever ever loved....."

That is the drama version.
Need me to explain more?
The short 57 seconds showed everythin.

Below will be the movie verion.

Hmmm, time for some korean ones too.
I personally dread their draggy dramas.
But if they can pack the whole idea into 2hrs, why not? xD

03 - Windstruck

I still remember catchin this movie with Inin. I didn't even know whats the synopsis like before watchin, but it turned out to be my all time favorite. We hugged endlessly after the show, you bet we cherished and loved each other so much more..

It is still by far the sweetest and saddest korean movie i ever saw.
None came close, except..

04 - A Moment to Remember

I believe the trailer explained everythin.

Hmmm, you love animals?
I seriously do.
Especially doggies..

05 - 10 Promises to My Dog

Love your dog.
10 years may just be a fraction of our time.
But, they loved and cared for us their whole life..

I have a really bad habit.

I love puttin myself in other's shoes, to feel the way they felt, to imagine the pain they went through. Yes, you bet i teared loads. I'm not ashamed to admit my face was never dry watchin all the 5 shows above..

Thats all for tonight.
Will share more next time.
Hope you peeps will enjoy.


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