Friday, October 17, 2008

Does your heart still goes 'doki-doki'?

How long has it been,
Since you had this sizzlin hot fever?
Do your heart still skip a beat,
Face to face with the person you love?

Still remember?
The blush, when both 1st held hands.
The comfy, durin the 1st hug.
The nervousness, with the 1st kiss.
The love, on the 1st night..

For couples, its so important to find back the feelin of 'fallin in love' again, ya know?

How often have i heard words like,
'No more feelins'
'Our love died'
'There is no meanin anymore'

How many couples ended up strangers like that,
Such tragic..

Heart your SO once more,
Shower them a little more love?
It doesn't harm givin them a little kiss,
And whisperin 'I Love You' straight from your heart..

At least do your part, ya know?
One day, they'll appreciate.
Even if its too late..

Chanced upon the song playin now on this blog, 心跳.
Reminded me of the above post i wrote on flowerpod.

Laosu asked some questions recently,
And i'm still thinkin of an exact answer.
But generally i guess it is when we think of them,
Yet our hearts no longer harbour any sadness,
Especially after listenin to the 3 songs below..

They are my all time favorite, X-Japan.

Endless Rain

Forever Love


I pray i can meet someone i'll go so crazily over with,
I think i'm ready for love once more.
I hope she'll confess to me how madly she hearts me too,
Someone i'll be so willin to die for..


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