Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Whats with horror movies?

I have absolutely no idea why people around me dig such thrills. 8 bucks for a 2 hours session of high blood pressure and scare-the-shit-out-of-myself thoughts, is it really worth? Not forgettin the usual crappy plot we see at the end of the story. And the aftermath of watchin friends not darin to go toilet or take the lift alone is really lolable..

Why people like to see gore and ghost so much? Wait till they experienced things themselves, they won't enjoy it anymore..

If you truly are a horror fan,
I dare you to visit this site.
At least survive the photograph session yaa?

A peek at a few shows i enjoyed.

P.S. I Love You

A Walk To Remember

Landen : Exactly, its like you're readin my mind!
Jamie : Great, erm, maybe you could read mine? -.-"


The Family Man

Second chances.

What if everyone gets to have a glimpse too? What if i get to have a glimpse? Its not like i'm not enjoyin every moment of my current life, but there were just so many choices. Phew, i really can't imagine..

I wish i can go back to the day i did the most wrong in my entire 25 years of bein alive.

May my dearest cousys Jessie, Jasmine, Jocelyn and Nelson get well sooon.
May Ray do way better than what he had already achieved.
May YongTang has a safetrip back from Vietnam in 4 days' time.
May Alicia and us have so much fun with ktv this comin thurs.
May Jingwen be well and healthy from her work.
May every single one of you, my dearest pals who have accompanied me through days of fun and misery, be well, and definitely HAPPY.
May more truth and meaning be shown in my life.



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