Tuesday, November 25, 2008

How true is fortune tellin?

Tried a few times with some 'masters'. Heard the good, the bad, and the really lame and funnies. Even got molested by a gay once. Apparently none turned out to hold the answers i seek..

Today, i met a 88 years old gramps with character. Not only was he humorous in his hokkien style, he also has the charm and wasn't afraid of offendin his visitors. I could see the respect in all my aunt's eyes. Personally, i was in awe too. Not only because this shifu is stayin in 2 x detached houses combined..

His predictions and fortune tellin are accurate.

The stuff he mentioned bout my biao jie fu, biao mei and biao di are really true. Will not go into details, but as my 1st time visitin him, he did give me a really deep impression. After leavin the place, my aunts told me they have been visitin him since ages ago. He predicted my fav uncle to pass away before a certain date, and it actually happened. All these years, my aunts have been rather loyal to his fortune tellin, and i believe there is bound to be a reason..

I personally enquired regardin my career. Well, lets just say i hope the prediction will come true. Ofcos, the baseline of success is still definitely hardwork. I will look forward to the future, 2010..

Let me continue with the vids again.

I love magic tricks too!

Thats all folks!

Hope my cousy Nelson, Jasmine and Xinni had a fun time at hk!


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