Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Right or Wrong?

How many ultra billion times have we heard or been asked the above. It appears that every human being has its own definition of whats good and whats bad. But seriously, who is to judge?

For example, a r.s turned sour.

From the gf's side of the story, the bf treated her badly, and she is considerin a break up. This new guy came into the picture, treated her very well, and she kinda grew affections for him..

Is she right?

From the bf's side of the story, the gf did nothin to spice up the r.s, only grumbled at how borin he is. But she failed to notice how deep his love for her is, and am willin to sacrifise everythin for her. When he heard of this new guy, his heart tored into a million pieces..

Is he wrong?

In such situations, we as humans usually take side with one of them, and loath at the other party. That is due to our own definition of right or wrong. For eg, Mr A may be hurt in a r.s far too many times, and may think that breakin up for another guy is dead WRONG. But on the other hand, Miss B may perhaps regret missin the chance of bein with another guy and carried on with life with her current uncarin bf, and feel that fightin for her own happiness is RIGHT..

So, whats my take?

I think, we really shouldn't jump to conclusions. In fact, to me, there are NO right or wrong. Like i said again, who is to judge? Only a person who failed to understand another person's point of view, will take side. Unfortunately, this is what happened to most of us..

Do not misunderstand.

Acceptin a person's point of view doesn't necessary mean we should view at the same angle. It only meant that i understand his/her reasons and situation, but my reason still stand. You see, everyone has their reasons for havin their point of views. In a way, everyone is not wrong..

One ought to learn to be open and be able to think in other's shoe, thus learnin the ability to accept other people's views. Instead of rejectin their thoughts, which usually end up in conflicts and quarrels..

Seriously, i don't even know if i'm makin sense to you till now.

But either way, the above is just a theory that will never be able to put into practise. No one in this world is patient enough, carin enough, generous enough, to accept everyone else..

Conclusion, to you, i may just be typin a whole chunck of rubbish.

But yaa, do open up and spare a thought for others more often.
Think in their shoe.
You will find acceptin way much easier.

Anyway, more duper smart animals!

And this is really a KICK ASS magic trick..


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