Friday, December 19, 2008

19th December 2008.

This is the date my cute little niece arrive to the world.
Her presence today has already brought so much smiles to each of us.
I believe she will grow up to be a wonderful lady thats gonna make a difference.

Beloved biao jie and biao jie fu, congrats!

How many of you read self-enrichment books? I have seen friends and strangers alike indulgin themselves with such collection of stories from successful people highlightin their career highs and lows. It is truly intriguing to learn how they manage themselves in different scenarios and what habits they practised. Personally i have scanned through quite a few along the years. Bill Gates, Robert Kiyosaki (if he counts), Farrah Gray (latest addition), and my most respected MM Lee KY. You name them.

But i realised most people have a big misunderstandin between self-enrichment and self-cultivation.

I remember my legendary basketball idol once said:
"I have missed more than nine thousand shots in my career. I have lost almost three hundred games. On twenty-six occasions, I have been entrusted to take the game-winnin shots, and i missed. I have failed over and over and over again in my life. And thats precisely why, i succeed."

A true inspirin speech from Michael Jordan, but not the main essence i wanted to underline.

How many of you enjoys watchin and learnin someone else's shots? You take great pain analysin every angle, goin in awe whenever they throw a basket. But the funny part is, why aren't you practisin?

There is yet another sayin from the famous Bruce Lee:
"Knowin is not enough, you need to apply it. Willin is not enough, you need to do it."

So i prompt to all who enjoys self-enrichment.
Don't just read, put the wise words to good use.
Practisin is the key.

Believe me, self-cultivation is the route i've been walkin. I have yet master every single aspect nor apply all the knowledge thats kept in my brain nor am successful enough to be convincin. But the fact i have achieved some minor results that not all could, have shown myself of the improvements i had made. I will continue to explore the very gist that shall contribute to a change in my life.

Ahaha, enough of dreary talks!

Was watchin 星光大道. I had a favorite for each season i saw. S1 was 林侑嘉, s2 was 赖铭伟. After watchin s3 today, undoubtly the person who caught my heart is 徐佳萤!

Not only is she sweeet lookin and talented in song writin, her personality really caught me off the hook. Her funny dance moves gave me a fun time too. And i find it really sweeet watchin the below clip..

They had composed a duet together earlier in the competition, perhaps that was when 李伯恩 fell in love with her. Well, if i was him, i'll fall in love too i guess. Ahaha!

X'mas drawin nearer!
But i'm well prepared!
At least the gifts are =P


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