Friday, December 26, 2008


Well, its the time of the year again. X'mas went past in a snap, 31st followin suit, and CNY will soon drop by. A season of festivals, and lesser work. Not a really great piece of news, especially after spendin bombs on presents and when the miserable pay is not sufficient to recoup. Worse if you have no basic salary like me..

But guess if i can't win them, i'll join them =P

Christmas Eve wasn't that bad. It wasn't way fun either. Just a little gathering with 4 'hard to meet up' pals playin mahjong and havin pizzas. After all, Calvin spent most of his time in aussie and we're all really glad to have him back once in awhile. Only drawback was me winnin only 50 cents. 50 CENTS! What a waste of effort, but it definitely beats losin ahahah!

Went home before the countdown, got stuck in the rain so i spent my evenin at SunPlaza instead. Other than gettin stared at for killin time in the arcade, its also surprisingly crowded for such a place when 12MN was drawin near. Apparently some couples actually prefer shootin their 25th Dec away? Contradictin for me, since i was out to avoid all crowds..

Was busy clearin smses from my dear pals after gettin home, while watchin some new movies i grabbed from Bryan. Before i knew it, the countdown was over. A few noisy calls with loud background, 'HOHOHO-in' and 'MERRY X'MAS' away, thats how Christmas fell in place..

Nothin spectacular, but i'm pleased its yet another year end. Did some decent soul searchin, am glad with the past events throughout the year. Accomplished 50% of my plans for 2008, nothin regrettable, i had a good time. Extremely contented to have met Ray, Jeff, and a few other pals i've missed out over the years. Fate has a way of playin its hands =]

2009 will be full of tides,
Things are gonna be rough,
Time to prepare my resolutions for the next 365days.

May all you beloved souls and your love ones had a memorable 2008. Times are harsh, with the global economy fallin like a slide. But that only illustrates the added need for us to brace ourselves and be resilient against the crunch. Let us all surf more bravely and united against the waves, and pave way for a better, wonderful 2009..

Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.


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