Wednesday, December 03, 2008

I have been so busy!

Pardon my lack of updates (if you are a frequent reader), time hasn't been merciful on me of late. Other than slackin workin on my job in the day, i have been busy with cousys and pals. For those who have been wonderin bout my job scope these days, it's really simple..


Yet it is rather different from most sales positions, for i command no basic pay. So how do i earn? Commission is not exactly the correct term in this case, i prefer the word Profit Sharin..

For example, i approached Company A.

Obviously Miraculously, they do require products we are offerin. In this case, they are interested in Product X, which Supplier B sells us at S$0.30 per piece. What i will do is, mark up the price to S$0.40 per piece, and sells back to Company A!

The usual quantity is at least a few thousand pieces per transaction,
So do the maths yourself?
Nevertheless, this is just an example.

Sad to say, i am not earnin much yet. Due to my laziness inexperiences, my 1st step is rather slow and unsteady. However, every new faces i get to meet will definitely boost my expenses confidence, and i will pick up the trade without a choice eventually..

Enough of career talk, lets proceed to magic shows! Gosh, i've been so hooked to cyril these days xD

Cyril changed clothes in split seconds -.-"

HE CHANGED HIS FOOD!! (the lady is sweeet *shy*)

Even at golfin..

Will post the rest up another day.

Xmas is comin soon, don't forget the presents guys? Most importantly, have a really great December!! (i'm lovin this month already)


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