Thursday, January 29, 2009

Feelin dejected..

No, i'm not depressed due to the fact it has been 6 months since the breakup. Ever since we went our seperate ways, life has never been more colorful. I had my taste in businesses, and friends became dearer than they already were. But still, there is this huge gap in my heart.

It is the lost of confidence in love..

Take a look around. Aren't close friends or relatives been breakin up one after another? Aren't couples bickerin over insignificant and irrelevant matters? Aren't divorcin, once a taboo among married pairs, becomin too much like a trend?

Aren't the quality of love been stoopin to a new low..

The thought of true love has escaped most minds these days.
"Should i not love her wholeheartedly, in case i go in too deep and get hurt?"
"Should i continue to be with him, even though i know there's no future?"
"Should i accept this r.s, because there isn't anyone more suitable?"

What nonsensical questions are those, seriously..

Why is today's love based on so many new variables other than just love itself? Since when its charm alone isn't enough to last the few decades? Please tell me that being with the person one's heart desires is still the best thing that can ever happen?

Why has it deteriorated so steeply..

I am losin faith. Gravely doubtin my chances of meetin anyone who still agrees with each passin day. Humans these days love only for physical factors. Looks, sex, money, accompany. The list goes on. Who still loves for the 2 original reasons?

She doesn't even have to be as perfect.
Just a HEART who is still willin.
And a SOUL who still believes that,

True Love,
Is bout doin anything,
To love and be loved,
Right till the end..


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