Wednesday, January 28, 2009


So much for bein missin these few days. Its the festivals period, pardon me! Been doin alot of mahjong and gatherin and mahjong, if they mean the same. I'm still on my winnin streak, oh somebody stop me!

Just kiddin before i start losin ^^

Not an avid gambler, been playin 10-20 cents only, you do the maths ya? My best triumph was only 9 bucks in a round. The funny part is they usually went to pizza deliveries. Oh well, its all in the name of fun?

CNY, as usual, chu1 to my grandma's. It is the same annually; payin respect to my one and only grandparent, waitin for all the late-comin 叔叔 & 姑姑 to arrive, a short Q&A bout not bein attached or married, end of session. The fact my father's side meetin only once a year made us as close as strangers, and its funny to recognise their faces but not knowin any other fact. Not that i'm interested anyway.

Chu2 is the essence! Not only there were lotsa loud adults, you'll see kids screamin when they didn't get their rightful cards/tiles too! Its like 40 people crampin into a normal HDB flat with mahjong tables and lotsa poker cards around. Welcome to my mom's family, WE ALL LOVE EACH OTHER! Nobody will ever feel out of place here, gambler or not =P

Surprisingly, i didn't gamble this year though. Sat through the whole mahjong session between my aunts, its the clash of the champions! Oh ya, they never once bothered usin chips. Cold hard cash, baby? You'll see lotsa red and blue notes flyin around. Thats the authentic game man, haa!

Even now i'm still rather tipsy with all the bottles of red wine between my cousys and 长辈s. Its gonna be a goood night slumber..

Oh yaa, you guys have been complainin bout the lack of photos here. I AM a photo takin person, even if i suck at it, but bad news, i can't locate my connection cord! So currently, all the photos are stuck in my mobile for good. Too bad.

Thats precisely why i've been sharin youtubes instead..

I saw this on tv!
Rather moved by his singin.
Eli Mattson.

New year, fresh start.
There will still be unpleasant events occurin.
But we ought to learn to remain cheerful at all times.


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