Sunday, January 04, 2009

I woke up to a call around 4am last night.

Straight away i pulled myself out of bed, got changed, and bolted out of the door. Arrived at her place several minutes later, i realised the ambulance had already departed. The house became really quiet, with only me and herself, and her big brother..

The person in the ambulance is my big cousy, Jocelyn.

She had a massive lost of blood, grew pale and faint. My younger cousy, Jessica, so traumatised by the ordeal, rang me up with a shaky voice. It was so sudden, and she was at a lost. It seemed that Jocelyn has been seein a doctor after her recent birth, and was prescribed with a whole load of medication. The bleedin began shortly after. It is still unknown whether the pills are guilty of the cause..

But i am really glad she is safe and stable this very moment.

The newborn Jomaine wasn't allowed to follow her mommy to the hospital, so Jessie and i became foster parents for one night. Pattin her to sleep, feedin every 2-4 hours, tendin to her each repetition of cryin almost every few hours. Yes, we didn't get much slumber. Jessie had long adapted to this kind of new experiences, but it was definitely my first. And i came to this very conclusion, it is no simple task of just havin a child. But her smile always smitten me no matter how tired i was..

Seems like each time we grow up, responsibility mounts.

When we were still young and innocent, love and friendship were the only worries we had. But as we reach the kind of age, work money future house kids health debts all came crashin in. And as we each take steps in discoverin new factors, it can be really suffocatin if things were not handled well..

A dear friend recently confessed bout yet another classical hitch of long endured relationships..

Isn't it contradictin, reminiscin the simplicity of love when it all started, compared to the current issues and inability to withstand certain flaws one have overlooked since the very beginnin? But i guess, love has always been a 2 person's matter. It is a team game, when one can't solo..

You'll have to think it through yourself, my dear pal.
Weigh the pros and cons from your deep thoughts.
Make a decision and no regrets..

I do suggest you decide early, than years later or after marriage.

Let me share with you all,
From the drama 1 Litre of Tears,
A song which i've always enjoyed.

Remioromen - Konayuki (粉雪)

Rushin off for some bball,
My friends are waitin already.


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