Sunday, January 18, 2009

Jomaine is a month old!

That little rascal who got me sleepin so less the other night with her cries, is gradually growin! I think time will fly by really quickly and she's gonna be 5 years old soon. I'll be 31 by then. Wow..

Can't imagine life after hittin the 30s.

You know, sometimes we CAN predict our own future. All we need is our logical common senses. For example, as we gradually grow older with menopause, one thing for sure, we'll all lose friends, one after another. Every single one of them are gonna soon tie the knots and start producin rascals, becomin too busy for mahjong or even for kopi right below their blocks..

And i gonna prevent that from happenin by bein such an arse to all my pals along the way, they won't even dare harbour thoughts of not comin out to meet me just for fun.

Let me share some songs with you guys.
The below two songs are from Tanya Chua.
The two MTV stories are linked ^^

蔡健雅 - 無底洞

蔡健雅 - 陌生人

Notice the lyrics?
They're really nice.
桂纶镁 too =]


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