Monday, February 09, 2009

Met up with my poly mates yesterday.
Here's a few pictures, before you guys complain.

I seriously am a walkin photo disaster.

Forgot whose good idea, me tryin hard to look pervert.

A picture of everyone present that night.

My best photo, don't mind the gamblin queen.

We had steamboat, courtesy of our dear host, Mr LWS. Been awhile since we last met, or should i say, since i've last seen them. They always have a few gatherin along each year, which i've a bad history of playin truant.

And i'm sincerely regrettin it very much nowadays..

I bet none of them knew what actually happened to me durin and after school days. I never told anyone in class. I guess, to my poly friends, i was just havin my periods back then, occasionally mood swingin from time to time. It was really a torture durin that three years, but i am glad, for bein their classmates had already lessened the pain a great deal.

I am really lucky to have met each and one of them..


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