Monday, February 09, 2009

Second chances.

Some people never believed they exist. The rest, they just pray hard it will come along one day. How many times have the words 'If Only' rang in your head? We could have all done better, we knew. But it is always durin the aftermath when they will come across our minds..

Life was never like a movie flick. We don't even meet an opposite sex and fall in love with each other at the same time that often, what is the chance of it lastin our whole life time? When a guy likes a girl who didn't even notice him in the show, he'll persevere and eventually win her heart at the end. But, have you always seen it happenin around you? 'Happily Ever After' is only used in fairytales. Regrettably, reality doesn't always share the same endings..

Yet, i believe the world is how we perceive it to be. I believe each of us is unique, and we are all capable of choosin our own paths and do greater good. I believe love is irreplaceable, breakups and falls along the way only makes it more worthwhile. And i believe lookin forward, is all that matters..

Like what i always love to say.
"Since when, is being alive, not enough?"


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