Sunday, April 05, 2009

"I needa focus."

That was the conclusion i came up with durin my routine jog awhile ago. How i love the slow tour around the neighbourhood at night, passin by the quiet shipyard, the rehabilitation prison, and the park. It provides a reality void for my thoughts to be congregated and provoked. A lifesaver, wheneva i have too much on my mind..

I've clinched the part time at STC. In fact i'm already two days into the job, and it was a rather unusual sight. Though it is troublin watchin the old squanderin their CPF away, i assumed we will all require our own source of entertainment when we are of age. Either way, is finally fulfilled..

Time to move on with my plan.

Here, i'll need to apologise to some of my friends. The thirty minutes i had awhile ago, made me realise how much i had on my plate. All the web ideas, the shirt designs, vendin machines, they ain't actually in my priority list. It is my bad for an easy promise made, which i assumed me being able to adopt easily without doubt. I was wrong..

Haven't had the chance to see you guys in person.
But if you're readin this up.
I am so sorry.

As mentioned right at the start, i will be concentratin. It is my mom's wishes to bring her achar into the market, and that shall be my fuel. What is more satisfyin than fulfillin my mom's life long dream? Not only about her achar, but both her sons' future and well being?

I will work even harder to fill the huge gap my elder brother left behind.

It was only recently i came upon this conclusion: Men born in the year of the Dragon, in their thirties, are all either bankruptcies or burdened with huge loans. All the three person i knew know shit about handlin their financial, and definitely needa work harder on their life.

Here's a little nice clip i saw on facebook.

By the way, it struck me that i'm still pink in health being able to jog and live well. Thank God for everything..


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