Friday, April 03, 2009

Are you a devotee?

Regardless of whichever God you may have faith from the bottom of your heart, the rest of the content may seem inappropriate or offendin.

The sights i've seen of late, is rather disturbin.

Over the centuries, religion seems to have taken a huge make over. From little churches, we now have infamous City Harvest. From little temples, we now have the flooded Guang-Yin and Dua-Pek-Gong shrines. Needless to mention how other religion fare, for all have their rich grand icons. Buildings aside, even 'devotees' evolved with oncomin trends.

At least the local ones.

Every time you witnessed a pair of ignited incense jabbed into a grave of ash, what do you think is on the owner's mind? "May i tio toto, may i get a good career, may i have a lovely wife/husband, may my kids be the cleverest kid in school", so on and so forth.

Each time a believer prayed to Jesus for their sins, what do you think are their pure intentions? To ask for forgiveness, and promise they'll refrain from committin the same mistake again? Or to just clear their sins, ensurin they'll head to heaven after life, only to sinned just moments later?

And the famous promised 7 virgins after death for another religion.

Has it only occurred to me that religion these days, are mere tools for individual's benefits? That devotees kneeled and prayed, only for their own interests? Where has the love and respect for their God vanished to?

A grave human flaw.

I believe in God. I believe God is fair to all human souls. Though life may be merciless for some who were born in difficult times and places, it is indeed our very own will that walks us down our chosen paths, and thus, to our deserved ends.

And I believe God does answer our prayers. When we ask for riches, He will bestow us with riches. When we ask for love, He will give us love. Only a matter of how.

An example, a married man asked for riches to enjoy life. The next day, his wife was crossin the road after groceries and got killed in a freak car accident. The insurance paid a him a huge sum of cold hard money, enough to sustain a comfortable life for the rest of the family..

Well, God did his job.

Ray always told me this.
"God will take something away from you, only to give you something better in return."

So, i am shoutin out loud to all devotees of all religions. Respect your God. Love Him with your heart. Know what is more important to you, family and love, or fame and riches. Do not be selfish. Do not ask for things that are within your own reach. Money can be earned, love can be found, health can be nursed with more exercises and not smokin and gettin drunk.

We humans get too complacent after adaptin to a too comfortable life. Appreciate all the food you can amass at your table. Cherish the very drop of water you can drink. If you think you worked for them, think again. God can just take them all away.

Last but not least,
Ask not what you should not sin.
Instead, seek what you can give.

I believe in God.
Not Christianity.



Sunantha said...

i usually pray for my loved ones to be safe and healthy.. and bro to do well in studies :)

Zuko said...

i understand. ain't stereotypin everyone, just those who falls into my category.

i pray for my family's well being as well. and i respect God as Himself.

Anonymous said...

meaning that I treat God as my heavenly daddy :)