Saturday, September 19, 2009

Secret of My Success.

Not all business founders have a silver spoon.
Only a few went Harvard or such.
Some even deep in debts..

61 stories of great names; Bill Gates (Microsoft), Howard Schultz (Starbucks), Toni Mascolo (Tony & Guy), Sir Richard Branson (Virgin Records, and all other Virgin establishments), etc. They are all ordinary people, with extraordinary passion to share.

It is good luck to grab this 2009 edition off the library shelves. I have so far covered three quarters of the book, and am already trembling with adrenaline, having 61 mentors all over the world inspiring with vision and dreams.

I yearn to attain such greatness in near future.
At least I've realized similar traits.
All are self claimed unemployable..

Today is a BIG day for two wonderful person.
A lovely dinner @ Sheraton Towers.
Remy & Alicia's..

Nothing beats watching old friends tying the knot. After such a romantic run of 9 years, so truly inspirational and warm, they are finally walking down the aisle, standing beside the very person they'll love so deeply for life, braving through thick and thin, for eternity..

Here's a lovely wedding clip i digged.

I've always preferred the western style of marriages. A simple meal with the families, the lovely solemnization at the beach, and a fabulous dinner for all friends and relatives, without changing of tux and gowns relating to a fashion display. Best ending with a slow romantic dance, with my one and only..

All the best, newly weds!


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