Saturday, September 26, 2009

I can't love someone i can't Communicate with.

One of the very basic foundation of a lasting relationship, but often neglected. Many chose to go along with feelings, end up in quarrels. Some may last a few years, but without proper communication, all start to fail..

If she doesn't open up, its as good as gone.

As a man, i seriously shouldn't bother with heart matters all the time. There are so many grave issues to tackle, and a distracted mind will only delay the process. And so i've decided, to hell with Love..

Time to be serious.

A stock broking firm wants me to pass M1A and M6 exams. I've put it to thought for awhile, considering the remuneration a remisier gain along the way, with valuable experience and a gateway into the financial world once again. Its my best bet, so far..

Though i'm also considering a full time effort in assisting Ray with his packaging business, which i've failed him personally without proper commitment of my efforts..

Either way, its important i get back on track dealing with what i'm required to accomplish. A career man, is definitely more attractive than a whiner, who always talk about Love..

A nice wedding flick i saw on FB.

One day i'll have a beautiful house,
A wonderful lifelong partner,
And a lovely family..

I vouch for that.


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