Saturday, October 03, 2009

Mid Autumn.

Amidst a handful of blissful weddings, lie deaths and falling leaves. Contrastingly, I witnessed three weddings and three funerals in the month of September. There were joy of old pals tying the knot, and the bitterness having acquaintances parting our world..

Such irony.

The Chinese believe in Yin and Yang. It is said all entities are represented by two extremes. When there is good, there will be bad. When there is hope, so will there be despair. The rich and the poor, and the list goes on..

I've seen my fair share of extremes at work. The quiet, and the loud speaker. The patient, and the backstabber. The smiling, and the disgruntled sob. The experienced, and the incompetent. The laborer, and the politician. The innocent, and the evil schemer..

Earning just nine dollars an hour, averaging two days a week, it sure seems a little over?

And of course, in relationships, the famous SNAG and MCP. The dangerous and the settler. The high demander and the low self esteem. The falling in love, and the broken heart..

I wish her all the best.

Moving on, the latest book I borrowed is called 'Gold Trading Boot Camp'. At just page eleven, I am already intrigued by the writer's unique experiences at the trading house. Forty-four chapters later, or three hundred odd pages, I believe and expect to see beyond my own cramped world..

If you're interested in trading (commodities, stocks, bonds, etc), reading charts, analyzing trends, anticipating booms, do grab it at your nearest libraries.

Not posting any clip tonight.
Go take a look at the Full Moon.
Happy Lantern + MoonCake Festival Everyone.


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