Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ten things i should have or have not done..

1 ~
Inin. Though she's the one i loved the most, i didn't give her my best, often taking her for granted, and this had became my biggest regret. If only i would persevere right till the end, and not being the first to surrender from our love triangle..

2 ~
I rejected my childhood buddy Qiwei's invitation to Taekwando when we were younger. We could have been good partners, and i could keep my fitness and focus at my peak. It was during poly years, and i thought we were too old to start new. But alas, i should have guessed. It's never too old..

3 ~
There was a night of regret, with a person i couldn't even recall the name. We had fun at the park, at her aunt's place. I left after the shower. I must have shattered her heart completely..

4 ~
Wished i were more mature and self-conscious during my poly years. Three years down the drain achieving nothing but a waste of time. Could have held more part time jobs and complete my Japanese language. Could have done something better to my hair..

5 ~
I still remember the childhood life where me and three sisters play everyday. They're my wonderful neighbours, for a short period. When they shifted away during my primary school days, i was too young to realize. The day they moved, was the day we all lost contact..

6 ~
Shouldn't have taken the $10k loan. Or rather, shouldn't have spent it on worthless reasons and people, and i could have invested the amount for a good return. Its too late..

7 ~
If given a chance to open a steamboat place again, i will definitely personally check the lease. I'm sorry to Ray, that a simple mistake of mine, cost us both $20k..

8 ~
I felt i owe an apology to my poly classmates. We were all so close before, had so much fun. Genting. Hong Kong. But i disappeared, after graduation. When i finally overcame the breakups during army, it was already too late. We had became strangers again..

9 ~
Thinking back, my teachers used to claim i have a knack for arts and music. It's a pity, that i'd long put down my brushes, and gave away my electronic keyboard..

10 ~
The saddest feeling which immerse me right now, is the fact that i'm yet successful with my career, and my mom has to carry on working even though she's already 55..


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