Tuesday, October 27, 2009


The ancient Mayans prophesized a full eclipse in 2009, and it happened. Now, next on the Mayans' list, they suggested a meteor shower or sorts, which signifies the end of civilization. Will it come true as well?

Well, if they are right again, this is how its gonna be like..

Three years is but a short time.
If everything is coming to an abrupt end,
What will you do?

Assuming the catastrophe will definitely occur, it is very depressing for me indeed. 29 years old at most, sanguinely successful with career i hope, perhaps having found the love of my life, the ideas of marriage still far off our minds, which literally means i won't be experiencing the joy of a groom, or the pride of a father..

And i can't be with my partner, till we grow old..

Speaking of which, i just saw 'UP' today.

Such a beautiful story.
Carl and Ellie.
I kinda envy..

And it just irks me even more, utterly infuriated, at how marriages, or even relationships, begin and end these days. I have friends who got into BGRs, for no good reasons, when love is not even present. I have people around me jump into marriages, only to lament months later, laughed and drunk themselves silly..

Sometimes its really funny,
With mixed feelings,
Seeing how people mess up their own life..



Fionie said...

When I was watching UP, when they flashed this part, I couldn't help but tear. So endearing yet so real.

Zuko said...

i know. my heart twitched so badly, every single time i watched it.

Zuko said...

they're just so in love..