Sunday, January 24, 2010

不失徐州, 何得蜀国?

Losing something precious, is part of life. While it is understandable to grieve, it may be a hidden blessing in disguise. I lost many years of my youth, childish with drinking and playing a fool. Now, after a big roundabout, here I am, embarking on a new journey. Stock brokerage, a turning point of my life.

Breaking up with her more than a year ago, is not a bad thing too. Learning to be alone, learning to stand up on my own. I am so much stronger today. It's all her credit.

So, to lose, is always to gain something better in return.

I'm not concerned about those highly educated, high positioned people about my age. While many are walking faster and ahead of me right now, what matter most, is me reaching my destination at the end. Who knows, we may catch up someday?

What is solely important, is me living the life I always wanted.

PS: Friend asked me to join him in dragon boat every Sunday, am considering..


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