Thursday, January 07, 2010

Do you know that..

1. I have fed enough strays to know that kitties actually prefer cheese over milk? Recalled a little experiment i did years back, placing a saucer of HL milk, a piece of wholemeal bread, and cheese. The kitty and kid gobbled up the whole cheese and starred at me. Now i know why Tom always chases after Jerry..

2. I remember writing my first love letter when i was secondary one. She was the first person i glued my eyes to. Long hair, sweet looking, sporty girl. Perhaps i was so in love, i actually walked her home one fine day, staying ten meters behind. I stuffed the little hand written letter into her mail box..

The very next day, as i stepped in the classroom, all eyes were upon me. Apparently, she found the letter really amusing, and decided to share the joy with everyone else. That day onwards, i drunk myself with basketball every single day. I have never wrote a second love letter ever since.

3. I was fourteen when i first clubbed, at 484. And remember that whole stretch of Boat Quay, which were once full of Oriental, Lighthouse, Tapz, Espresso? I recall once i was near Mambo No.5 in the back alley, and saw this group of 'ang mohs' chasing after a chinese teen. Not a few moments later, the 'ang mohs' came running back. A whole horde of guys were behind, chasing with glass bottles. Those were the days..

4. I had my first kiss when she was fifteen. There we were, cuddling in the cold movie theater, laughing and playing with each other, when she suddenly gave me this very deep kiss on my lips. I was stunned. I fell in love..

Years later, i match-made her with an army friend of mine. Things didn't turn out well. I promised to match-make her with another friend of mine these days. Fingers crossed. May she find true happiness.

5. My most embarrassing drunk moment, was during my poly mate's eighteenth birthday. Her then boyfriend booked the whole of Zouk Phuture with free flow of Coronas. There we were all happily drinking and playing, then out of a sudden..

I puked across the table.

6. My first broken heart was when,
一个男孩 爱上一个爱上别人的女孩.
她, 哭到我的心都痛..

7. Army made me fat? After the vigorous training during BMT, the PES-A extremely fit me was posted to a technical school. There, other than learning the repair works of a tank, we eat. After graduating from school and posted to a service unit, i was made the official Operation Specialist. In simple terms, i was only under three person, namely my OC, 2IC, and CSM. The rest of the hundred over specialists and men, were under me. My job scope? Other than doing all the simple plannings for the company, I eat..

8. I have a weak spot for talented girls. She can just write me a song, or play a piano piece, or draw really cute pictures. I'll be smitten..

But i have a softer spot for girls who are physically challenged. Like the deaf girl i knew. She left us all.

9. I have very high sex drive since i was a kid. The culprit was my seven years older brother, whom i shared the same computer with until i was in poly. Shall not elaborate further..

10. I am in love with no one right now..

Here's something to lighten up the evening.

FROG you all! :P


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