Sunday, February 14, 2010

This Valentines..

..marked one and a half years of freedom, enlightenment, and solitude. Eighteen months before, I was packing my luggage and moving out of her place. Blamed no one but myself for yet another meaningless encounter. Adding on to the score of being cheated once more.

But this isn't about her.

I grieved at the fact that, why must love be so complicated? Loving someone, doing little movements that will delight her, offering exquisite gifts that show my sincerity, providing all the attention and care, to be with her, and it still isn't enough?

Quarrels will still occur. Disagreements. And after three years, one year, or six months, she'll simply say things ain't working out, which is another way of saying she had met someone better. In my last case, richer. Bye.

I dread such encounters. I don't wish to go through the same routine time and time again. Either let me meet someone who can love me for who I really am, or just leave me alone!

My emotion soared to a new height moments ago. It dawned on me that CNY and Vday occurring together is like a practical joke. Cold family. Crap love life. Double the dosage..

Either way, it's still a new year. Days still pass on, and I still have my aims to conquer, goals to meet, hard work to do. It sure feels good dumping all my excessive emotion right here. No worries, I'll be smiling tomorrow once more.

Happy 虎 Year!

Someone made me really pissed the other day too.
It should be the first time she saw.
Must have made her panicked..


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