Thursday, February 04, 2010

You need to, or you want to?

Most in our society couldn't differentiate the above anymore. Born to an average family, brainwashed with education and the great corporate lie, one hardly realise what he/she is trying to achieve. Money, the sole culprit, pushing everyone everyday, wasting years and years of youth away. And the saddest fact, none of us can live without it.

Ever thought about dreams? Like the little question our teachers used to ask; what do we wanna be when we grow up? Many years later, I simply didn't see any of my friends achieving it. Neither had I. But as we mature, new dreams appear. Are we gonna let them slip away too?

My new dream is simple. Day by day, I am achieving it bit by bit. My first milestone will be to have my own home. By then, I should have the established financial means of giving my mom happiness. I could have closets full of shirts and blazers and great fashion. I would be having a life full of the sun, wine, and healthy sports.

And when it all happen, when I'm looking smart and capable enough to take on the whole world, I pray, that I'll have a lovely lady to share my everything with, till the end..

Lovely true story.
A great show to catch.
I had goosebumps watching it..

By the way, you'll most probably laugh.
My ambition when I was young.
Was to be the President.


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