Tuesday, February 14, 2006

As the date shown above, today, it is Valentines Day.

Nothing much in particular, I�m still at home. This is the 2nd year I have been alone. Let us hope there won�t be any 3rd year? The lonely feeling is starting to creep into me. Geez..

Saw Fun With Dick and Jane last night.

As usual, Jim Carrey never failed to impress me with his lame jokes. Starring as a loving husband funny dad, he found himself surprisingly promoted to vice president one day. Things were so good at 1st, but it turned out to be a business scam. From the highest point he fell to the lowest pit. From then on, you�ll see all his ridiculous stuff coming out. It is a happy ending, as usual. Worth my 7 bucks. You peeps might wanna watch too.

Had a nice meet up with one of my buddies last night. Chatted about a lot of stuff. Chatted about my problems. Seems like I had changed quite abit ever since my sec school days. I�m pretty strong if it comes to friends, career and life. But when it comes to love, I�m totally lost. Advises after advises I can give, but couldn�t advise myself. What do I really want right now? Perhaps only myself will know. It is goner take some time to figure that out.

Well, my Valentines plan screwed up today, weren�t able to gather all the singles as planned. Work, school, projects and exams. They are really big spoilers. When Singapore goner state Valentines as a public holiday?

A friend asked me along for ktv, so I�ll be off in 30mins time. Well, at least I�m not goner sit my ass at home starring at this screen for tonight. If you�re reading this today, something must have gone seriously wrong. Take care ya.

Happy Valentines.



Anonymous said...

long time no "see"!
guess who am i?!!


hey, i'm reading ur post now, 11.56pm.
is sth serious going on ard mi?

happy valentines boy!!


zuko said...

how to guess? give me some clues 1st lol -.-"

Mint said...

Perhaps you might have already know what you are after in a relationship. But just timing isn't right.

As people say, relationship begins from friends... of course, there are always exceptions.. -.-;; But normally, they're probably amongst one of your "closer" female friends. Unless you wanna go and hit some random hot girls... lol! =P That's just what I think.

Yes, I must agree with you that it's easy to give advices, because for that time-being, you are "logical", but when it comes to you, yourself, it all becomes "emotional" and turns out that your friends around you might say something similar to what you usually say to others. Hehe, funny how these "typical sayings" revolves around everyone, doesn't it?

Take care Alan! =)

Anonymous said...

hmmm... clue arh?
hard lehs.

hmms.... do u mind?

zuko is mu tou aka piggy!!
"ur mind is too full of tanks liaoz"



zuko said...

bwahahhaha.. but i'm a mu tou and piggy to many people!!! *not something i should be proud of -.-"*

zuko said...

Yup, we are usually 'logical' when looking from the side lines. But when we are on the field ourselves, we can't help but feel 'emotional'. Many people avoid reality, many struggle to face it. Maybe I'm just afraid to dream again. For if I wake up and find everything is missing, I'll go crazy once more.

Perhaps I have not met the right person. Perhaps I already did. Let fate decides. =]

Thanks Mint. PT or not, you have always been around me. Though we aren't from the same island, I'm really glad to have known you.

Take care over there.

Anonymous said...


aiya, no needa guess le lahs, u wun guess it anyway~


cya boy! =D