Monday, February 13, 2006

Before I continue, let me clarify something. The below content is only for the eyes of guys and girls 21 years old and above. I�m not to be held responsible for anything, alright? So unless you really wish to read on, STOP now.


Still reading? You perverted peeps! LOL! (Just kidding)


Recently, I had just received a disturbing video clip at my email. The title, �Poly Student Caught In The Act�. Obviously I will not reveal the school�s name to protect the school�s reputation and my own interest. I don�t wish to get into court cases for slandering or diminishing other�s reputation do I?

So what is the content about? Well, apparently 2 person were starred in this clip. First will be the poly student, and secondly, her bf. Able to guess whats coming? Yes, they caught themselves on video. While having sex.

God! I swear they are only around 18!

At the beginning, I thought it was just another porn gimmick to make all those perverted guys horny while fulfilling their erotic fantasies. I didn�t even expect them to be Singaporeans. However, my cousin told me otherwise. She is from his school, currently a year 2 student, and she�s a friend�s friend of his. I was so damn shocked. Apparently, I realised it had become a very big hit in the school nowadays. Everyone is spreading the news; it had become hard not to hear of it.

I feel very sad for her. A moment of folly, and I assumed it is the stupid guy�s idea? Now imagine the whole school saw her having sex with someone else, caught on video. Worse still, it is not even censored. I'm not sure
if she is aware of this big issue. If so, I seriously have no idea how is she going to continue life like this. My heart goes out to her.

Some people claimed it is her bf�s doing. Some mentioned it is a girl who has always hated her, happened to chance upon her hp, and spread the clip around. Either way, I find the whole thing pretty ridiculous, and it is so silly to store such stuff in hp. Once I heard from my other�s cousin�s hubby, who is working in the police force, that they recovered a lost hp, and while trying to figure out who�s the owner, he happened to chance upon a self made clip as well. Apparently the owner was found and did come to recover her hp. And the look on her face, priceless..

Well, I believe we are all grown ups now. Having a private sexual intimacy with our love ones is what we will all enjoy doing. Recording may not be wrong, however, please handle with care. As for underage sex, well, good luck to those kids. I will only pity the girls, for it is always the guys� fault.

Last but not least, I regretted deleting the clip.



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