Friday, February 17, 2006

Be the flame. Not the moths.

Those whom had already watched Cassanova might remember this particular verse? Saw it last night at Bishan GV. Before the show I was guessing the show�s plot since I did not read up any movie previews beforehand. And when the 1st scene of the show came up, I was pretty turned off; it killed all hopes of an interesting movie.

But hey, it turned out to be 1 of the funniest movie I had ever seen in 2006! My friends and I were laughing right till the end. Definitely worth my 7 bucks. You peeps should go watch it too!

Haven�t been sleeping well lately. And it causes headaches I�ve been having nowadays. Maybe I�m thinking and worrying too much. Maybe it is just me. I always have a history of bad slumbers. Used to suffer from migraine. I believe the only times I can have a good sleep are when there is someone sleeping beside me, pampering me, sayanging me.. The good old days..

Couldn�t sleep right now. Head still hurts. And someone is on my mind..


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