Friday, February 17, 2006

Being in love is really such a wonderful feeling.

You care, you worry. You devote yourself to that very special angel who holds the very key to your beating heart. Every second of the clock ticks with her image in your mind. Every time your phone rings you wish to see her name. Every message she gives makes you jump in joy. And you just can�t help but keep smiling. You are just so in love with her..

But humans are always so contradicting in everything they do. While you may love her with all your heart, you are afraid. You fear of her and you fear of yourself. Will she love you? Are you good enough? Can you give her happiness? These questions flooded your mind. Being the unconfident you, she�s like an angel in the heaven, while you�re just a common earthling striving through the unruly world. Your desire is strong. You want to be by her side. You want to love her. But you are just afraid of the future..

This single spark of love. Will it dies off at the lack of appreciation. Or will it become the strongest flame ever.

I say.. Let fate decides..


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Mint said...

I can't really say 'fate', but rather the timing ba?

From what I see, you are abit like me. That's why I feel you when you express your feelings about your feelings for someone. I'd say that you are scared to love someone. Because you don't want to hurt yourself anymore.

Coz I used to feel that way too, to think of being the 'perfect' girlfriend of someone I really like. You're scared that you are not doing well enough. You know what? If you love that person, just be yourself and do what your heart tells you to do instead of doing the "typical" stuff. =)

Hehe... maybe... I'm thinking... if I should recommend my blogsite for you to read... lol~ =P

Take care, Alan!