Sunday, February 19, 2006

Today I dedicate this post to my one and only Father.

I used to be his beloved son, donkey years ago. Friends close to me would have known what went wrong. He stopped spending a single penny on me ever since primary 5.

What really happened? To be honest, I still do not know. A peek into memory lane will only make me remember about a nasty incident. It was on my grandma�s birthday, I was only primary 5, and bro was in secondary school. That day bro went for scouts camp, and apparently my father didn�t know. He went mad, blaming mom for allowing bro to do so. A heated argument took place, I only remembered mom cried so much. And from that day onwards, I hated him from my heart.

Let me give you a little description about him. Plain selfish, he only thinks for himself. He thinks that he�s always right. He thinks that he had seen the world much more than us, but apparently, on the contrary. Every debate or argument will end up having him shouting:�Argh shut up you dunno any shit!�, in chinese of course. I have not spoken to him for years. If I do, it will be the end of the world.

A little more about him. Unreasonable. He used to lock me out of the house after 6pm. His reasons, I�m in school for too long? I can�t hang around with my friends, I can�t do my homework in school, and definitely no time for projects. He was even against my decision of getting an ECA, which I did in the end, in fact, 2. But hey, don�t be mistaken, I�m not a bad student? I was in EM1 and Express stream for goodness sake. It is a wonder how I missed the chance studying in Chinese High and got into a neighbourhood school instead. Its just him and his unreasonable demands.

Did I mention he is damn stingy? He stopped spending on the family ever since I was in primary 5, even till now. It was my dear mommy that had brought me up with buckets of tears and sweat. The only money he will spend on is electricity and his own telephone bills. Don�t be mistaken that at least he pays electricity bills. He doesn�t even pay fully, the rest are always mom�s responsibility. Every Chinese New Year, angbaos will be given by mom using her own money, not his. I had not receive any angbaos from him ever since I could remember anything. Every household item, the shampoo, toilet paper, toothpaste etc, are always bought by mom. Everytime we go NTUC, you will only get to see mom paying with her ATM card, and him walking around acting blur. That�s how shitty he is.

Oh ya, he loves to threaten us with �This house is mine! If you don�t like it, just leave!� But hey, you know what? When he sold our old flat, all the money from the sales went into his stocks. The new house was bought with mom�s CPF. But I guess we just couldn�t be bothered letting him know that fact. After all we are still one happy family, without him.

Mom nearly divorced him in the past. But I was still way too young, so she didn�t. I was actually hoping she did, without him in the house is way much better. Not only I feel this way alright? All 3 of us. Nowadays we are just living day by day, till the time when one of us really cannot stand him anymore and start the bang. He doesn�t have CPF, nor did he buy any insurance. Next time if he is to be hospitalised, mom bro and I will be in deep shit trouble. Thanks to him.

I know, he is my father after all. I�m not saying I won�t be taking care of him next time? If I�m that cruel, I might as well leave the house right now. Why bother risking high blood pressure every time I hear him nag and nag and nag? I�m still human after all. All 3 of us hope he will come to his senses one day.

But sadly, we all know its never goner happen..


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Su said...

I think it's quite a miracle for ur mum to stay by his side after so many years. Is it love? *shrugs* I don't think I can survive living with a husband who doesn't fork out a single cent, and worse, doesn't communicate with OUR children. *rolls eyes* But then again, guys can be egoistic, and his pride could be stopping him from giving in to you all, or talking to you all.