Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Muscle aches!

Was at YCK gym with Samuel yesterday. Realised I haven�t been gyming since poly days. The weight I carried yesterday is so miserable. It�s a sign: Time to workout more often.

My weight went down again!

Read the papers. Read about the Budget. Realised Singaporeans are never contented. Though it�s obvious the government is trying to win over the citizens� hearts with the Budget, but it is really irritating to read about how fussy the citizens can be. They get this, they want that. They get that, they want more of that. It�s never ending.

When we are not talking about loans for life, interests, tax, and high living expenses, a Singaporean life can actually be quite comfortable. Crime rates are low, no natural disasters, and we have a nanny government looking over us all the time. They provide us with shelter, give us education, supply jobs, and save up our money. Life is too good till every one of us is taking things for granted.

I agree with SK, Singapore is actually struggling in terms of global economy. Compare with other countries and it will be so bloody obvious. We are our country�s only resource. It�s pretty hard to get foreign currencies into our country, since there is nothing much for foreigners to invest on. As for our local investors, maybe because of the habit of being overprotected at home, they usually fail trying to venture outside our borders. Honestly I pity them.

Maybe life is too comfortable for us. Maybe the government over protected us. Maybe we all grew up thinking that we will be fine no matter what happens. And maybe so, someday, all these will bring us to our downfall.

Anyway, my 2 bucks ToTo nearly got me 20 bucks yesterday. 3 numbers. *shrugs*

Oh ya, before I end, I will like to clarify something. Seems like many people had misunderstood Xx as the girl I�m so mad over with. Sorry to disappoint you guys, nope.

It�s Miss Tan la.. =P


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