Monday, February 27, 2006

Yesterday was really exhausting. Woke up at 7am even though the fact I had only slept for 4 hours. Went to deliver a surprise gift to dear Miss Tan. I placed it at the doorsteps, was actually quite afraid someone else might just took it away. Went for breakfast after that and got home around 11pm. It was only until 12noon before someone finally woke up and found out about the present. So pig can? My poor gift stood outside for almost 4 hours. Haha. I'm glad she loves it.

Went shopping with Charis in the afternoon. Well, someone made me wait for almost an hour? Haha another pig who can�t wake up early. Had a really fun time together, trying to snap each other with camera. So funny how so many people keep referring us as couple. Garnier was fun, testing skin and trying out products. We had ice cream! Sad we have to part so early, she meeting her family for dinner. =/

I went to meet buddy Chicky for dinner too. Had the nicest stingray and sotong in Singapore can? Jurong West blk 4xx can�t remember the exact block. The chilli, the soft meat, big serving.. Argh! I will definitely be back for more!

After dinner we actually walked to Jurong Point looking for some marriage gifts. Congratulations AiPing! Happy ROM! You are the 1st from our sec school batch to get married. Be blessed with happiness and love forever! =D

We went Bukit Batok after that and chit chatted at Mac. Buddy SK came over and 3 of us chatted non stop. Sadly our 4th buddy Calvin is at Australia studying away, enjoying life. We chatted from 9pm till 6am in the morning. Yes, 9 hours straight. Daily lives, sports, friends, our businesses, brain storming, global economy, love, those bastards, silly girls, nan ren bu huai nu ren bu ai, the silly but poor nyp girl, China market, foreign exchange, family problems, aiya, almost everything la!

Its amazing to see how 3 of us from sec school grew up and have the same goal in life. Our views and opinions on many issues are almost similar *except on love lol* and we are now striving hard to achieve what we want. Not every friend of mine are success-oriented, it just happened that we 3 buddies are. I�m very glad that in my whole life I have them as my buddies. True friends indeed.

As most of you might know, I�m in the property business right now. I have many to learn, many things to do. But I believe I won�t be doing it for life. Life is about experiencing. I�m a very curious guy. I will keep learning and learning and learning new stuff all the time. After establishing myself in this line, most probably I will start moving again. China is the 1st place that came to my mind. I might be heading to China with SK someday, since his business is over there. I�ll go take a look, learn their culture, and study their market, hoping there will be opportunities to tackle upon.

I�m still young. There are still so many things I had not seen before. The world keep spinning, things keep changing. But bit by bit, I shall unravel everything. My thirst for success is there, my desires high, and I have a powerful drive. I will strive.

Cherish your life. I�m cherishing mine.


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